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Tyd Innovation Incubator

From Left is: Daudi Kajilo, Geofrey Chami, Lisa Fredy, Stanley Gama and David Davis. (Photo credit to Frank Mapunda)

On 13th May, 2020 we launched our new solution called Practical Skills Development Link (PRASDEL). We were so much comfortable to launch the system after a reasonable time of design, development and testing. The development team comprised of experienced System Developers, two (2) interns and three (3) field students who are still undergoing their studies to pursue different programmes in the area of technology in Universities. We were so much delighted to reach to this stage because we believe that whatever solution we come with goes directly to solve issues that our societies face, and this time around we are to solve Internship, Field Placement and Volunteer work acquisition chaos that most students/graduates and organisations face.

What is PRASDEL?

It is an online platform that enables students from different Tertiary level educational institutions to register themselves for acquisition of practical training attachments. The systems solves the challenges of students acquiring Organisations for Field / Internship / Volunteer Work as well as Organisations recruiting for suitable candidates for the same.

To visit the system click: HERE