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1st Round of Innovators Presentations

Tyd Innovation Incubator

TYD Innovation Incubator has been encouraging innovators and all those who face any challenges that they think they have an idea of a solution, but they cannot implement it because they do not have technical and/or financial capabilities to implement to surrender the idea to it.

As a matter of keeping its promises, TYD has received many application that have been examined to get practicable innovations that can be taken care of. After a careful scrutiny, TYD managed to get a good number of ideas that are really innovative from at least 20 first applicants.

Innovators were invited for the first round presentation. On 13th July, 2018 first round presentations begun and the ideas were made clearer and a call for strategic action were drawn.

After a preparation of a blueprint of such ideas, the ideas are going to be registered by the government regulatory authorities for ownership in partnership between TYD and the originators of those ideas, before kicking-off projects on implementing those ideas.

Mr. Geofrey Chami, the Managing Director of TYD Innovation Incubator while leading other innovator to present and improve their ideas, insisted that: “Having presented your innovative ideas to us, you are automatically contributing to the socio-economic development of our country, and that is a generosity of very high level”.

While the incubator will still be inviting more ideas and conducting presentations for the current round, it is still encouraging more individuals and organisation to collaborate with it to make sure that the impact of what is carried on is massive.