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Web Development With Laravel Framework for Beginners

Web Development With Laravel Framework for Beginners

Why Laravel Framework?

If you are a web developer or web designer or you want to become a web developer, this course is ideal for you. You can learn Laravel PHP Framework with this course. This course is beginner level and it starts from scratch. Hence, a beginner or a student can easily take this course and learn from it. Laravel is a PHP framework for modern web apps. Laravel is a free, open source PHP web application framework, designed for the development of MVC web applications. This course will be a project base, learn the basics to start coding in the hottest most popular PHP framework in the industry.


After a successful completion of this course, one should be able to:

   1. Learn how to install and configure Laravel.

   2. Learn foundational topics such as routing and requests, controlling using databases.

   3. Understand the syntax.

   4. Learn authentication system, and much more.

   5. Understand the file structure.

   6. Understand basic workflow.

   7. Learn to submit forms, process data, and save it into your database.

   8. Start simple laravel projects



  1. Basic PHP syntax 

  2. Basic Object Oriented Programming concepts knowledge

  3. HTML and CSS (would be required when modifying website source html files)




1. Introduction to laravel framework and its applications.

2. What is MVC.

3. Set up the proper environment for laravel to run.

    (a) Installation of MySQL. 
    (b) Installation of composer.
    (c) Installation for laravel.

4. File structure

5. Introductions to routes

6. What is middleware.

7. What is Namespace.

8. Using artisan command line interface.



9. Passing data to our view through controller

   (a) Understand view
   (b) Understand controller (CRUD OPERATION)

10. Laravel blade syntax

11. Laravel database Eloquent(MODEL)

    (a) Configure database settings. 
    (b) Create table files in laravel.
    (c) Create models.
    (d) Database migrations.

12. Authentication system in laravel

13. Errors handling and loggings

14. CSRF Protection

15. How to use Laravel Tinker



16. Project 1 (to do list app)


17. Project 2 (student registration system)

Student Reviews

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Course Features

Duration: 4 weeks


Price:Tshs 399,000/=

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